The only exhibition and business forum in Mexico for waste management

Reasons to exhibit

Why exhibit at Residuos Expo 2021?

  • Because it is the only specialized industry platform in Mexico that brings together the value chain
  • Because you will access more than 4,800 buyers looking for waste management solutions for their company.
  • Because in just three days you will meet more potential clients than the equivalent of three months of work by your sales force
  • Because it will generate new distribution channels
  • Because it is the ideal forum for the launch of new products and services
  • You may participate in the RESIDUAL EXPO 2021 AWARDS networking cocktail

Some reasons to exhibit at Residuos Expo:

• It will also have access to the 11,000 professionals who attend Expo Plásticos, who also require solutions for waste management.

50% of those attending Residuos Expo are owners, general managers or business directors.

Company Size - By Number of Employees

Influence on the purchase dicision

What are our visitors looking for?

Industries from which visitors come:

Mechanical and electrical
Oil and gas
Chambers and associations

Products of greatest interest to the visitor

Collection, recovery and transportation 15%
Consulting, certifications and audits 7%
Garbage cans and containers 7%
Mobile compactors and shredders 7%
Waste management and transformation 11%
Non-recyclable (storage, waste to energy, energy evaluation, toxins, among others) 6%
Toxins 3%
Urban solid waste 6%
Recycling and renewable energy 11%
Quality control 5%
Treatment plants 7%
Equipment, machinery and service for separation and storage 8%
Production machinery 7%