The only expo and business forum of waste management in Mexico

Reasons to exhibit

Reasons to exhibit

Residuos Expo celebra celebrates its fourth anniversary Exposition, as the Exhibition and Business forum on waste management in Mexico.

Aimed at improving waste management in the country and solving the problems associated with waste disposal, while making it pro table for companies, will be held in the City of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, from March 11 to 13, 2020.

Residuos Expo is the place where companies, governments, entrepreneurs and professionals all meet together to conduct business appointments, expand their client portfolio and update each other on the latest trends, technology and innovations for the better management of waste.

Some reasons to exhibit at Residuos Expo:

Get access to more than 4,800 buyers who take part in Residuos Expo, who are looking for solutions for waste management for their companies.

• In addition, you will have access to all the professionals who attend Expo Plasticos simultaneously and who also looking for solutions for management of waste generated by the industry, adding more than 15,000 potential buyers for your company.
• You will generate sales opportunities.
• Establish business networks.
• Train customers about products / services, and the great opportunity existing in this sector.

50% of the attendees at Residuos Expo are Owners, General Managers or Directors of companies.

Company Size - By Number of Employees

Influence on the purchase dicision

What are our visitors looking for?

The 4,800 visitors who attended the 2018 Residuos Expo from across the industries, including:

The collection and separation of waste
Service companies
The plastics industry
Transformation and processing of waste
Training and consulting
Marketing of plastic, paper, aluminum, glass, etc.
Machinery and technology for waste handling and transport
The agri-food industry

Freight and transport

Chambers and associations

Products of interest to the visitor

Collection, recovery and transportation 15%
Consulting, certifications and audits 7%
Trash cans and containers 7%
Mobile shredders and crushers 7%
Waste management and transformation 11%
Non-recyclables (confinement, waste to energy, energy assessment, toxic, among others) 6%
Toxic 3%
Urban solids 6%
Recycling and renewable energies 11%
Quality control 5%
Treatment plants 7%
Equipment, machinery and services for separation and storage 8%
Production machinery 7%